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DFP PRESENTS: Kugiran Masdo

SAT 22 JUL 2023 8:30PM

One of the more successful local indie bands to emerge in recent years, Kugiran Masdo is all set to shine on DFP’s stage with their unique and fuzzy blend of 60s pop music with a twist. Promising their fans a delightful performance filled with their upbeat hits and quirky personas, you will surely move and twist along to the unmistakably Kugiran Masdo’s sounds.

RM169   RM219   RM269   RM319   RM349*    
Suite: RM169/seat & RM219/seat

*Inclusive of artiste Meet & Greet



Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 4.56.04 PM.png
(MAY)NEW_Kugiran Masdo_FA_A4 (latest)-01.jpg
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